Filavac Vaccine for Rabbits

4 years ago

Recently a new variant of the Virus that causes Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease,has been discovered in NZ. This is not the officially released RHDV1 k5 rather RHDV2 which has been discovered in Nelson and the Bay of Plenty. Cylap, the standard rabbit vaccine may not provide protection against this strain and MPI has urgently imported a vaccine call Filavac. We have received our allocation of only 20 doses. As demand for the vaccine has far outweighed supply, we are offering the vaccine to a very limited number of rabbits that are most at risk. Also the vaccine will be only offered to existing clients. If your rabbit qualifies, you will have been contacted by our clinic letting you know that your rabbit will be offered the vaccine. If you have not been directly contacted, we understand how worrying and frustrating this situation is for rabbit owners. We are placing a pre-order for more Filavac and will advise rabbit owners when it becomes more generally available. Currently there is no time frame as to when it might become available, but we hope it might be within the next 3 months.