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Focus of Practice

We aim to provide an excellent first line general Medical and Surgical service for family pets. We have invested heavily in continuing education for all staff and diagnostic equipment for the benefit of our client's animals.

We believe in a thorough examination, clear communication and providing a friendly local service where clients will get continuity of service from the same staff.

We work on an appointment system for all consultations except for emergencies which will always be attended to as a priority.


Payment is expected at the time of consultation or at the time animals are sent home from surgery. We accept Cash, EFT-POS, Afterpay, credit cards (not American Express). Cheques and internet banking are by prior arrangement only.

We can help clients apply for finance with Q Card finance if they need time to pay their veterinary bills. Q Card Mastercard offers 1-year interest-free terms for approved finance and purchases over $250*. (*terms and conditions apply)

Pet medical insurance is recommended by our practice to help cover unexpected Veterinary costs.

Diagnostic Equipment

  • In-house Diagnostic Machines - State-of-the-art, in-house blood analysers can be used to perform a range of routine blood tests quickly for accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease. More advanced tests are referred to Gribbles Pathology at Invermay.
  • Endoscopy - The practice uses a flexible fibreoptic endoscope to directly visualise the internal surfaces of organs such as the oesophagus(gullet), stomach and colon in order to make a diagnosis, remove foreign bodies or to take samples for testing. The use of this equipment will often speed diagnosis of disease and avoid the need for surgery.
  • Ultrasonography - A non-invasive diagnostic tool to help detect anatomical problems with internal organs and to detect pregnancy.
  • Digital Xray equipment - New high-frequency machine. Computed Radiography. No films, no nasty chemicals, easy file storage and sharing.
  • Blood Machine Blood pressure monitoring - High blood pressure is often a serious consequence of diseases such as kidney disease or overactive thyroid glands. Detection and treatment can avoid issues such as blindness or organ damage.
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) - Used to detect some heart disorders, especially involving problems with abnormal heart rate and rhythm
  • High Speed dentistry - Modern scalers, polishers and high-speed handpieces (drills)
  • Oxygen concentrator - For anaesthesia not dependent on gas bottles and to provide overnight oxygen therapy to patients if needed.
  • Surgical - Our vets are experienced in a wide range of surgical procedures.
  • Referrals - In cases where a patient would benefit from assessment by a veterinarian with Advanced or Specialist skills, we can arrange referrals if needed. Typical cases may involve surgical repair of complicated fractures, chronic skin disease or eye issues.
  • Acupuncture - Part-time locum Veterinarian, Jennie Edmonds can provide acupuncture treatment for animals on a case by case basis.